We are situated 2 miles from Wainfleet on the River Steeping. Just around the corner is Thorpe Culvert Pumping Station. Built in 1938, houses two Ruston and Hornsby 9XHRC diesel engines driving Gwynnes 36″ centrifugal pumps with each pump being capable of delivering some 100 tons, or 22,400 gallons of water per minute. Open to the public on certain dates.

Skegness is approx. 7 miles away or a 15 minute car ride. However there is a train from Thorpe Culvert  Station which is a one minute walk away. So the men & boys can stay and fish whilst the girls go into Skegness for a day’s shopping!

Why not visit Wainfleet with its famous Bateman’s Brewery or how about Friskney with its many walks.